TTS Power Maths Starter Kit - Year 3


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Power Maths Starter Kit - Year 3 Year 3 manipulatives for the whole class to use throughout the year. Created in collaboration with Pearson, this starter kit supports the Power Maths programme with manipulatives to use throughout Year 3. Contents may vary. Includes a Folding Canvas box as a FREE GIFT. An essential concept underpinning maths mastery is the concrete-Pictorial-Abstract (CPA) approach which highlights the need to provide children with concrete manipulatives. TTS has worked with Pearson to gather this bespoke set of manipulatives to help enhance and support this concept, as well as the teaching of Power Maths for Year 3. Product Content: 1 x Double-sided Desktop Number Line (32pk) 2 x Two-colour Counters - Red & Yellow (200pk) 3 x Singapore Colours Place Value Maths THTO (6pk) 3 x Colourful Hundreds Place Value Arrows (Pupil) (6pk) 1 x Place Value Counters - Hundreds, Tens & Units (1125pk) 1 x Plastic Interlocking Colour cubes (1000pcs) 1 x Singapore Colours Base Ten Set (755pcs) 1 x Coloured Digit Cards (Class of 30, 0-9) 1 x Folding Canvas Box Brand:TTS Age Range:Suitable for 7 to 8 years


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